1.To place an order, please choose the margin mode (either “isolated” or “cross”) order type (limit order, market order or stop order) and leverage, enter your desired price and volume,  then click [Open Long] or [Open Short]. You can also cancel your order which is not executing.

2. After your trade is executed, your order will be submitted, then you can review your position’s status by scrolling to the active trades section at the bottom of the trading homepage. This section shows you helpful information such as the “Mark Price”,“Liquidation Price",“Unrealized P&L” and so on.

3. You can set [Take Profit] or [Stop Loss] for your order, or if you would like to offset some or all of your open positions, you can do so by clicking [Close] under Market or Limit, entering the price and amount you want to exit followed by clicking [Confirm].