Deposit the wrong currency to the BIB address:

When the user fills a wrong address during the operation, retrieval service is not provided generally. However, in order to recover the serious losses caused by the customer's operation errors, BIB will help to recover them within the scope of controllable costs.

Please describe in details the circumstances of your deposit error, your BIB account and the currency, address, quantity, and TxID of the wrong coin (very important). Our customer support will promptly judge whether it meets the retrieval requirements.

If it is possible to retrieve your wrong coin, we need to install or upgrade the wallet software, export and import the private key, etc. Due to the large amount of labor, time and risk control costs, the whole process takes at least one month or more, please wait patiently.

Deposit to the address of BIB:

If your coins are deposited to the wrong address, BIB will not be able to receive the corresponding blockchain assets. Due to the anonymity of the blockchain, we cannot help you retrieve it. It is recommended that you find the owner of the corresponding address through other means to negotiate the retrieval.