1. Log in to the official website of BIB Exchange and click [Log In] at the top right corner.

2. Then, click the currency name on the page to enter the spot currency trading page directly.

Displaying the trading page interface.

1. Summary of the 24-hour information on the transactions of the current BIB trading pairs

2. Sell order book

3. Buy order book

4. Candlestick chart and trade depth display area

5. Type of order: limit/market

6. Buy area

7. Sell area

8. Other trading markets/currency swap areas

9. Latest transaction price

10. Current order

Go to the buying section, refer to the price in the buy and sell area on the left, enter the relevant BIB purchase price, enter the quantity and click [Buy BIB] to complete the purchase. (Same for sell orders)

* The price in the order area defaults to the last trade price of the price limit. If you want to close the trade quickly, you can select [Market].

* If the current market price of BTC/USDT is 0.002 and you want to limit your purchase to 0.001, you can select [Limit].

* The percentage bar under the quantity refers to the percentage of total USDT assets you will spend to buy BTC.