Dear valued users,

The “Double Surprises of BIB Wonderland” activity is here. The activity includes “Deposit Rewards" and "Trading Gifts," with a total prize pool of 24,500 USDT.

Activity time:    00:00 on March 8, 2023, to 23:59 on March 28, 2023 (UTC+8)

Activity target:  All users on the platform

Activity details: The “Double Surprises of BIB Wonderland” activity include “Deposit Rewards" and "Trading Gifts."

Surprise 1: Deposit rewards, sharing a 6,500U prize pool.

  1. During the activity period, users who deposit at least 5 USDT on BIB Exchange have the chance to receive a reward of 5U.
  2. To be eligible for the reward, the user must have a trading volume of at least 200 USDT in the BIB Wonderland (1U Fiesta, Flash Options, Volatility Options, and Wealth Box).
  3. The prize pool is 6,500 USDT, first come first served, while stocks last.

Surprise 2: 18,000U prize pool, Trading Gifts.

  1. During the activity period, users who trade in volatility options will receive an unlocked giveaway reward equal 10% of the trading amount. For example, for every 100 USDT traded in volatility options, the user will receive a 10 USDT reward.
  2. The prize pool is 18,000 USDT, first come first served, while stocks last.
  3. The maximum amount of giveaway rewards for each account is 500 USDT, and cannot exceed twice the deposit amount.

Rewards distribution:

  1. After the activity ends, the internal operation system will export the trading data and calculate the rewards manually. The rewards will be distributed to the UID account within 3 working days after the activity ends.
  2. The rewards will be distributed to the spot account, which can be transferred to the fund account for withdrawal directly.
  3. The “Deposit Rewards" and "Trading Gifts" time schedule for the activity:




Distribution Time


Round 1




Round 2




Round 3



User notice:

  1. The platform has the right to prohibit malicious or fake users from participating in the activity.
  2. If multiple accounts are detected operating under the same IP address, all users under that address will be disqualified from participating in the event.
  3. BIB reserves the right to interpret and modify the terms and conditions of this announcement, including but not limited to modifying, changing, or canceling the activity, without further notice.

Risk reminder:

Digital currency trading carries enormous risks, so please be cautious when purchasing and trading. Please note that BIB does not guarantee or compensate for any of your trading activities. BIB reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel this announcement at any time for any reason without prior notice.

Thank you for your consistent support and help to BIB Exchange!

BIB Operations Team

March 7, 2023

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