Dear BiB Users:

BiB completed the 1st BiB Burn event on Jan 15th, 2024. The number of BiB burned for this event was 10,527,664.73 BiB. As of today, a total of 10,527,664.73 BiB has been burned.

The burn address for the BiB token burn is as follows:

The address of Treasury & Ecosystem Construction is as follows:

The burned BiB record is as follows:

Burned Round

Burned Amount


385,561,538 BiB

Risk Warning:

Cryptocurrency trading carries significant risks. Please exercise caution in your purchases and be aware of the risks associated with making transactions. Please note that BiB Exchange does not guarantee, compensate for, or assume any responsibility for any of your trading activities.

Thank you for your kind understanding and continuous support for BiB Exchange.

BiB Operations Team

January 15, 2024

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