Dear valued users,

We are thrilled to announce that the FTC is officially open and has already started!

This trading competition is designed to encourage you to trade BIB futures and improve your trading skills. The winners of the trading competition will be rewarded with generous prizes. Additionally, there will be a first deposit bonus, a fee discount on deposits, and a 10% annualized cash bonus on futures account assets. Hurry up and showcase your futures trading skills!

Event Period: 2023/5/26 00:00 - 2023/6/16 00:00 (UTC+8)

Event Target: Futures Ambassadors, all users

Event Description:

There are various rewards for this event, details are as follows.

Activity 1:

First deposit rebate for futures ambassadors during the event period

First deposit of Tether Coin

Reward amount





( 10,000 USDT reward limit, counted in priority order at the end of the campaign. 3 USDT rewards will be given out first, while stocks last)

Activity 2:

All users deposit ≥500 USDT (Tether Coin) and transfer ≥500 USDT to a futures account in a single transaction during the campaign period. After the transfer, you can enjoy a 15% discount on each futures transaction fee, and the original rate will be restored after the event ends (June 16, 00:00).

Activity 3:

The cumulative sum of profit and loss after closing the user's futures trades will be ranked after the event ends at 00:00 on June 16. Only the futures pairs opened during the event period will be counted, if more than one participant has the same amount of profit, the participants will be ranked according to the number of trades they have made), with the following rewards.

-1st place: 688 USDT

-2nd place: 488 USDT

-3rd place: 288 USDT

-4th-10th place: 50 USDT each (Top 3 need to have a profit of ≥100 USDT, if no one reaches this, the prize will be unused)

Activity 4:

At 00:00 on June 16, the daily assets of USDT in futures accounts of users who meet the following conditions will be counted (including positions) and rewarded back at an annualized rate of 10%. (2.5% p.a. will be refunded once the total amount of assets entitled to the 10% p.a. reward has reached 50,000 USDT)

1. Futures account USDT assets ≥ 1,000 USDT per day during the campaign period, with 10 days of futures account USDT assets not less than 1,000 USDT.

2. A single profit of ≥ 50 USDT on a futures trade during the campaign period (partial closing of a position ≥ 50 USDT is sufficient).

3. Open positions ≥ 4 times during the campaign period. (Rewards are limited to 10,000 USDT and will be ranked in order of highest to lowest reward return for eligible users, while stocks last.)

For example, if User A has 1,000 USDT per day for 10 days, 45,000 USDT on the last day of the campaign and 0 USDT on the rest of the days, he will be entitled to a cash bonus of 14.04 USDT.

Calculation method: 1000*0.1/365*10+40,000*0.1/365+5,000*0.025/365≈14.04 (retain two decimal places)

Activity rules:

1. Activity 1 is exclusive for futures ambassadors only, Activity 2, 3 and 4 are available to all users.

2. Affiliated users will earn rewards from activity 2 based on the actual trading fee accumulated.

3. All rewards will be distributed to paticipant's "spot account" 5-7 working days after the end of the event, and the list of winners of the trading competition will be announced.

4. Users who receive cash rewards must complete KYC Lv.1 authentication.

5. The final right of interpretation of this activity belongs to BIB.

User notice:

1. The platform has the right to prohibit malicious or fake users from participating in the activity.

2. BIB reserves the right to interpret and modify the terms and conditions of this announcement, including but not limited to modifying, changing, or canceling the activity, without further notice.

BIB Operations Team

May 25, 2023

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