Dear valued users,

BIB Exchange unveils the newest and one of a kind campaign to celebrate its official launch, in which all the cryptocurrency traders in the world are honorably invited to take part in this joyous celebration! This 8-round campaign that hands out a total of 16 BTC is bringing global users a chance of enjoying 90% off their BTC subscription.

Activity Period for Round 1: 14:00 (UTC+8) 11 July, 2022  to 14:00 (UTC+8) 18 July, 2022

Eligible Participants: Users who sign up for a BIB account, and verify their accounts before the end of staking period.


For users who participate in the 90% Off BTC Sale, their staked and bonus amounts will be applied to calculate the lots they are able to win leading to the proportional BTC subscription amount.

Prize pool/round


Total lots/round

2000 lots


1lot=0.001 BTC (at 10% of BTC market price)

Maximum winning lots/participant

50 lots/round


1. Staking USDT: During the activity, users deposit and stake USDT to get the amount for lots calculation. The first staking should be no less than 500 USDT, and any amount in whole numbers of USDT is allowed for the following.

2. Referral Bonus (direct referees only): During the activity period, users may invite friends to register and participate in this activity; and if both the referrer and referee verify their accounts before the end of the particular round of activity, the referrer will receive 10% of the staked amount in a form of bonus to increase his probable winning lots.

Referral bonus calculation:

1) When the staked amount of referee is less than that of the referrer, the referrer can get 10% of the referee’s staked amount;

2) When the staked amount of referee is equal or larger than that of the referrer, the referrer can get 10% of his own staked amount;

Lots Calculation

Lots to win = user’s staked USDT amount (total staked amount + total referral bonus)/ total staked amount of a particular round of activity (all users’ staked amount + all users’ referral bonus)*2000 lots

For Example: A user staked 2000 USDT by himself and invited 5 friends which each of them staked 2000 USDT. With all the referrer and referees completed identity verification before the end of staking period, it indicates that the total staked amount owned by this user is 3000, including 2000 from his own staking and 1000 from the total staked amount of his referees.

Participation Prize:

For the participants who are unable to win any lots, the undistributed BTC will be sold to them at the price of 50% off.

The minimum unit for participation prize is 0.00001 BTC, with an approximate value of 0.2USDT. The participants who are entitled for this prize will have to pay approximately 0.1USDT.

Calculation: Participation prize in BTC = undistributed BTC amount/number of non-winning participants, and only the first 5 digits after the decimal point will be taken into account.

The undistributed BTC = prize pool (2 BTC)- all lots won by participants *0.001BTC.

Settlement time: Before 14:00 (UTC+8) 22 July, 2022

Release time for the staked USDT: Before 14:00 (UTC+8), 22 July, 2022

Activity Conditions:

1. Users are allowed to stake multiple times during each round of activity. The more they stake, the more chances to win lots and get more BTC.

2. All the participants need to complete identity verification prior to the end of staking period, otherwise the prize will be forfeited.

3. The referral bonus, estimated winning lots, and BTC price are all estimated values, the actual lots to win and the settlement amount will be finalized when the results are published.

4. The referral bonus can only be used for the current round. When the particular round is finished, it will be cleared and the user will have a complete start over for the next round.

5. BIB reserves the right to forbid any malicious or fake participants.

6. BIB reserves the final interpretation to this activity.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

BIB Operations Team

July 07, 2022

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